Monday, April 9, 2012

All Bets Are Off!

It seems that rainy spring days are thing of the past. Here in Seekonk, March felt more like July and April, though cooler, has been pitifully dry. In a fit of exasperation I turned on my irrigation this past weekend to dampen the dust devils swirling across my lawn. While most of my friends were happily parading about in shorts last month, I was gripped by anxiety as buds swelled weeks ahead of schedule. Though sun worshipers scoffed at my concern, as I had feared the temperatures plummeted. The leaves on the Actinidia that covers the arbor in the Blue & White garden fell victim to frost as did the nascent buds on the wisteria trees that flank the farm pond.

Despite the peculiar weather the daffodils have proved indomitable. Though not as exceptional as last year's display, the bulbs don't appear to mind the dryness and the recent spate of cool days and cold nights has kept the flowers from fading.

I picked this bouquet yesterday and gave it to a friend's mother as thank you for a batch of delicious Easter cookies.

I'm beginning to regret that I decided not to plant tulips last fall. With a few exceptions most varieties only flower for a couple years in my garden. To guarantee a bountiful display I had been replanting them each year. To remedy the situation I'm already making note of how many to order this coming fall. To ensure that I don't forget where to plant them, I'm marking the ground with popsicle sticks inscribed with a big "T".

I love the reddish tinge of the rose foliage this time of year especially in the hot colored garden, where it compliments the yellow and orange daffodils. Luckily, the delicate leaves seem to be impervious to the cold.

On a completely unrelated note. My first novel, LOST SKY, was recently published and is available on Amazon and I think garden lovers in particular will find it an enjoyable read, perfect for relaxing in a deck chair or hammock.